Instructions for ceramic roller

How to use rollers affect not only the useful life of the rollers but also smooth work of the kilns. Generally, we select the type of rollers depending on the maximum temperature and load capacity of the rollers. Meanwhile, rotate speed, span of rollers and atmosphere in a kiIn are also important factors as well as the factors of the gas, molten materials and thermal shock. Considering the factors mentioned above, our suggestions are as follows:


1. Before used, new rollers should be placed on the kiln for drying at least 24 hours (60-80℃).


2. Rollers with coating should be placed on the kiln for drying at least 72 hours.


3. Please fast and quickly rotate the rollers when replacing them.


4. Rollers taken from the middle and high temperature area should be avoided to contact the cooling items but placed on the bracket with asbestos pad. Rotate it continuously until it cools down to below 600℃.


5. The small area of glaze droplets on the surface of rollers can affect their thermal shock resistance, so they should be cleaned at fixed period.


6. Unqualified raw materials may erode rollers, which should be used carefully.


7. Keep the exhausting fan on and roller rotating after shutting down of kiln turn off the other fans and prevent cold air coming After 24hours, increase the fan speed and take out the roller when the temperature in the kiln is 500C or below.


8. Avoid using the roller in the alkali atmosphere and the corrosion of alkali materials in order to prolong the service life of rollers.