Technical index of Ceramic Roller

1.    Thermal stabilityMainly reflects the rapid cold and heat resistance of the rollerGood thermal stability can increase the service life of the rollerSo as to reduce the production cost of the enterprise;

2.    Bending strength:Because the ceramic roller is mainly used for load-bearing and transmissionGenerally work under high temperature conditionsBending strength is an important indicator of ceramic rollersSo the higher the bending strength, the better.

3.    Water absorption: The water absorption is closely related to the density of the roller. The more it is used for the roller at high temperature, the smaller the water absorption is required.

4.    Coefficient of thermal expansion: For ceramic rollers, the smaller the coefficient of thermal expansion,  it is not easy to bend when the temperature changes greatly, ensuring the smooth progress of production.    

5.    Straightness: Straightness reflects the straightness of the roller, and it is an important manifestation of the quality of the roller. Rollers with unqualified straightness are easy to deform the product.

6.    Maximum operation temperature: The maximum use temperature refers to the maximum use temperature of the ceramic rod in the furnace, not the normal long-term use temperature. The normal long-term use temperature is less than the maximum use temperature.